Seeking Kenya’s Support – Help Feed A Needy Child

The Millennium Charitable Education Trust seeks your help and support in providing school lunches for needy children from Kibera and Kawangware.

Your donation of Kshs 50 will help feed a child at school for one day. We have almost 100 children, for each of whom this meal at school is actually the most substantial meal of the day. Please help feed these children so that they can concentrate in school, learn and eventually become masters of their own destinies.

Donations welcome from Kshs 50 upwards via Mpesa on 0721423268 or bank transfer, account details of which are as follows:

Millennium School A/C Project
Diamond Trust Bank
Courtyard Branch

“The nourishment of body is food,
while the nourishment of the soul
is feeding others.”
~ Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

God bless your kind hearts






Having read about The Millennium Help Educate a Child of God Project, we now invite you to partner with The Millennium School Ltd in making this project a reality.

Your sponsorship which will go towards the costs of stationery, insurance (against injuries and/or accidents sustained whilst in school and/or on school-sponsored trips) and a daily meal consisting of juice, a snack and fruit. The School will cover costs of tuition and uniforms.

Sponsorships can be “full” or “partial”. “Full Sponsorship” being $50 per month, totaling to $600 for the whole year. “Partial Sponsorship” is any amount that you may wish to donate. Either kind of sponsorship will be greatly appreciated. Also, one-time donations are most welcome!

All sponsors will receive an official receipt from the Project Office for tax deduction purposes.

If you feel that you are able to join us in this venture, we request you to complete the following Pledge Form, submission of which will take you to Paypal to securely transfer your donation.

If you wish to use other means of transfer, please get in touch with us to facilitate other methods such as SWIFT/bank/wire transfers etc.

We are also accepting donations via cheques through The PYAR-Fatima Karim Foundation based in USA so those based in the US can easily mail their checks with a covering note indicating the donations are intended for the Millennium School’s Help Project.


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