Humble (but successful) Beginnings:


In January 2013, Tracey Hope Wanja (pictured above with her own artwork) was admitted into The Millennium School Ltd as a Child of God on a full scholarship when her mother was observed at a local mall in Nairobi, soliciting for funds for her children to be able to go to school.

Her entrance assessment test and interview showed that she was indeed a child of tremendous potential and  was consequently admitted into Year 9.

She maintained an excellent performance throughout Years 9 and 10 and finally, in May/June 2015, she appeared for her O Level Edexcel International Examinations. This was her final result:


Tracey Hope Wanja’s amazing success motivated the Directors of The Millennium School to fully sponsor 30 needy children who were sourced from Kawangware and Kibera and this gave birth to the project.


Kawangware and Kibera slums in Nairobi Kenya have a population of over 1 million people, all of whom live well below the poverty line. The children of these slums are thirsting for good educational opportunities, by which they may be able to bring some sense of hope to their families, whose future at the moment is extremely bleak.

Under the auspices of this Project, we would now like to educate even more of these children of God (upto a maximum of 150, which is our capacity). Such as:


Irene Odhiambo – a capable girl with above-average academic ability who has been unable to attend school for many years as her single parent, a manual labourer, struggles on a daily basis just to put food on the table. With a generous sponsorship, Irene will be admitted into Year 9 and is extremely excited to finally have the possibility of obtaining education.


Keitlyne Kavere – an intelligent girl who dreams of becoming a doctor and excels at her studies, but whose unskilled parents can barely afford to maintain a roof over the family’s head let alone be able to send her to school. Perhaps now, this little girl’s dream will come true and she will, one day, become one of the world’s leading surgeons, inshallah. [Edit: We are pleased to report that a generous donor has stepped forward to sponsor Keitlyne and, in this way, we hope to encourage her to fulfill her dream]


Mark Mwangi – a quiet, hardworking boy with big dreams, whose father passed away recently and whose mother is unemployed. Mark has been forced into child labour for a number of months now in order to provide food for his family. [Edit: We are pleased to report that a generous donor has stepped forward to sponsor Mark and he will be in a classroom, where he belongs, rather than the farm fields]


Brian Musyoka – a hardworking and determined student, tragically orphaned and now lives with an ailing grandmother. He aims to make a successful life for himself despite his circumstances, if he gets the chance to go to school.


Elvis Ochieng who says: “I am from Kawangware. I live with a neighbour who took me in one year ago after realizing I was homeless. I went to Form One in my rural area, Siaya, but my uncles stopped paying fees after the second term. They said they didn’t have the money. One of them brought me to his house in Kawangware with the promise of taking me to school. Then one day he didn’t come home so I slept outside the whole night in the cold with nothing to cover myself. It turned to several nights and that is when my neighbor invited me into his house where I live till today. I am very grateful to my adopted family. They treat me as one of their own and although they are not very rich, we just share the little they have. I want to be an international politician. And I have been told that one has to be very well educated to be an international politician like Koffi Annan. So I want to work hard.  There are a lot of gangs, crime and drug abuse among the youth in my neighbourhood. Many of my friends have urged me to join but I won’t. I am very scared of getting killed or going to jail. I want to be somebody”

And the list goes on…

The Directors of The Millennium School Ltd Nairobi have kindly agreed to educate these 150 children and provide them with a top-class, international-standard education, overseen by Pearson (Edexcel) International Ltd that is based out of London, UK.

The Millennium School Ltd Nairobi is a small, family-run private institution that has been fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Kenya and is a registered Edexcel International Teaching and Examinations Centre.

The School’s peaceful and serene environment, in an upmarket area of Nairobi, its Role Model and all encompassing Mission Statement together with its excellent facilities and impeccable record of personalised attention, leading to outstanding examination results, and its focus on wholesome and holistic education makes it the ideal choice of institution for this project, whose recipients will need careful attention and nurturing in order to make a smooth transition into the international curriculum. The recipients will feel happy and proud to be attending such a privileged institution and this will greatly motivate them to work to the best of their ability and maintain this opportunity.

Find out more about the School here.


The Project Coordinators: 

Farez Madataly Hassam

Farez Madataly Hassam has been a teacher since 1992 and has held the position of Director of Academics at The Millennium School Ltd since its incorporation. He played an instrumental role in the establishment of The Millennium School Ltd and holds vast experience of formulating and implementing educational curricula that suit the objectives and needs of different target groups. Mr. F. Hassam has kindly agreed to oversee the academic and other educational aspects of this project, in an honorary capacity.

Tazmina Kassam

Tazmina Kassam has been the financial controller at The Millennium School Ltd since its inception and holds a vast experience, having worked in the financial departments of NGOs and Banking Institutions for the past 30 years. Ms. T. Kassam will oversee the financial governance of this project and has kindly agreed to take on this challenging task in a purely honorary capacity.

Zafeera Kassam

Zafeera Kassam, together with her team of counsellors, has very kindly offered her services to oversee the welfare of the recipients of the project. The recipients will be given full support and assistance in settling down into the normal school routine. Also, each of the recipients will be assigned a personal Mentor who will guide them on how to maintain this golden opportunity by working hard and putting in their best efforts. Personal counselling will also be arranged on a regular basis to keep the recipients well-grounded and focused.

Samwel Boto

Samwel Boto is the Assistant Director of Education, Nairobi County,  Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Mr Samuel Boto, a senior and experienced educationist, will oversee the authenticity and legitimacy of the whole project.




The Academic Curriculum:

All 150 children of God identified for this project have been thoroughly vetted by the Teaching Faculty of The Millennium School Ltd under the guidance of Mr. F. Hassam through standardised Entrance Tests and interviews and their current academic levels have been assessed. In this way, it has been decided which class each student will join. The classes range from Year 7 upto Year 13. At present, all 150 children of God will be joining Years 7, 8, 9 or 10, and from there will progress onwards upto Year 13.

The students will be joining the existing curriculum at The Millennium School Ltd, details of which can be found here. The curriculum will be imparted in a friendly, proactive and interactive manner by a team of highly qualified (graduate) and dedicated teachers with several years of experience in teaching the British International Curriculum.

Extra Curricular Activities:

These children of God will be encouraged to participate in as many extra curricular activities as possible. More information can be found here.


These children of God will regularly attend group and individual mentoring sessions, with the objective of assisting them to adapt to this new opportunity and environment as smoothly as possible and to appreciate this magnificent chance by working to the best of their ability. More information can be found here.

Paying It Forward:

This concept will be implemented from the second year of the project.

Year 9 and 10 students will be encouraged to volunteer at local hospitals during school holidays. All students will become Big Brothers or Sisters to the girls of Rescue Dada Street Children’s Rehabilitation Home in Pangani, Nairobi, and time will be set aside on the curriculum to visit this home and carry out beneficial activities with the children of the Home, such as reading, arts and crafts, etc. Find out more about the School’s Community Service Projects here.


Ultimate Goal of Help Educate a Child of God Project:

God willing, all 150 children of God will embody and exemplify the principles of honesty, integrity, ethics, humility, humanity and compassion as well as value and understand the importance of good education which they will then pass on to succeeding generations of their families and communities.

God willing, all 150 children of God will complete Year 13 with above average to excellent O and A Level qualifications, thereby qualifying to join National/International Institutions of Higher Learning.

God willing, all 150 children of God will be able to obtain scholarships, based on their excellent school reports and examination grades, to National/International Institutions of Higher Learning.

God willing, all 150 children of God will become qualified professionals in their chosen fields and help build their communities and alleviate the quality of lives of their fellow Kenyans.

We now humbly invite you to join hands with us in providing these children of God with the chance of gaining the dignity they deserve by pledging your contribution. Please click here to pledge.